Nepal - Children want a home - that's where I belong



Under the pragmatic slogan "The motherland is worth more than the kingdom of heaven," the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal conveys an image of a state between two worlds. One is modern, aspiring, open-and the other remains committed to the caste system, thus appearing restrictive and backward-looking.

With your donations you create a secure livelihood and future prospects for the children.

Thanks to your help, we make it possible for children with few opportunities to

  • get a home and have prospects for the future
  • receive sustained medical care
  • earn a school diploma
  • learn a profession
  • train social skills
  • be supported in their independence

To this end, we support a children's home in Pokhara with personal commitment on site and constant supply of the material necessities.

The donations are delivered personally and their use is transparently presented. For this purpose we cooperate with the association Denk e.V. (German Association for the Development of Nepalese Children).